This quote, which was Woody Harrelson's way of jokingly describing himself in his SNL monologue is picked up as "hateful conduct" by Twitter algorithms.

January 2023

the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) make the WHO's declarations legally binding ... Is this the world we want?
If sarcasm causes heart attacks, is listening to sarcasm like second-hand smoke?Listen now (96 min) | Cafe Locked Out, Monday 2nd Jan 2023 ...
Lies and misinformation my media and government told me.

December 2022

This class shift in antibodies is a very bad thing, this is the stuff of immune failure.
The 12 Jabs of CovidListen now (4 min) | A Christmas carol for our times.
The Sunshine Project, an organisation focusing on oversight of research involving biological weapons agents blew the whistle in 2008, and no one…
Covid-19 injections have been run by the Military, DoD, BARDA from the start.

November 2022

It replaced it with rapidly declining protection which dips into disease enhancement.
A third of the deaths from covid could have been prevented but rather than supporting my call, AHPRA thought it better to crush it.
Using RT-qPCR tests with false-positive results to evaluate the endpoint in COVID19 vaccine development might have artificially inflated the vaccine…
Just because PCR can make a whole lot of something out of a tiny bit of something doesn’t mean you know what that something is.